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This page will eventually be a comprehensive guide to using the site. If you have questions that are not answered by this page, you can always send requests to or post in our discussion forums.
If you are having trouble getting something to work, or find a bug of some sort, you can also click the 'feedback' tab on the left margin and let us know what happened so we can fix it.
  1. Registration and Login
    (coming soon)
  2. Player Page/Profile
    Your player page is the dashboard for your ultimate world. On it, you can adjust your profile information and select privacy levels, browse your teammates, friends, and upcoming events, even write your own ultimate blog, if you desire. Privacy Selectors - Notice that most pieces of information on your player page have a colored dot next to them. To change the privacy level of that individual piece of information, click the dot and select who you want to grant access. Profile Info - To add or change anything in your profile, simply click it and adjust. The Disc Skills slider in particular pops out to offer a wide and specific assessment of your disc skills. Notifications - In the upper right corner of your player page, your notifications will appear. To clear a notification, click the '-' button. New Blog Post - To write a new blog post, click the little green + sign at the bottom left of the blog widget.
  3. Teams
    To browse teams, hover over 'Meet' in the main menu and click Teams. You can filter by letter, location, or type, or search using the search box. Creating a New Team - On the Teams landing page, click the '+ add new team' button in the upper right. Your Team's Page Each team on DiscSpace has a customized home page that does everything from listing the roster to scheduling tryouts, practices, and other team events. You can even track attendance for events and tournaments. Rosters - To add a player to a roster, or to request that you be added to a roster, click the green + sign at the bottom left.
  4. Tournaments
    (coming soon)
  5. Pickup Games
    (coming soon)
  6. Leagues
    Leagues support is still in development. Stay tuned for updates!
  7. Organizations
    Organization support is still in development. Stay tuned for updates!
  8. Discussion Forums
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  9. The DiscSpace Wiki
    (coming soon)
  10. Deleting Things
    If you want to delete an object, please email us!