When not playing ultimate, ultimate players love to play all sorts of other games. Some involve discs, some involve good spirit after a game, and many involve drinking. Here is a list of many such games.

Other Disc Games:

  1. Arbitrarium (Arbichairium)

  2. Durango Boot

  3. Beer Frizz

  4. Suzy Sticks

  5. Flutterguts

Spirit/Postgame Games:

  1. Miniature Tanks

  2. Mingle

  3. Wah

  4. Shooters

  5. Rosham Posse

  6. Slackjaw

Party Games:

  1. Flipcup

  2. Rosham Spike

  3. Winebag Game

  4. Nosefinger Duel

  5. Detonator

  6. Flip Cup Anonymous

  7. Punishment

  8. Rosham Spank

Hot Tub Games:

  1. Gropii

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