Punishment is a creative party game that is adapted from 'Silent Library'.


The game begins by passing around blank index cards and markers. Each player gets to create a few punishment cards to add to the pile. Punishments may include: swapping clothes, drinking embarrassing or gross drinks, doing handstands while being tickled, dizzy bat spins, naked runs, etc. They should, of course, be tailored to the particular group that is playing the game. A second set of cards is created, with exactly as many cards as players in the game. On two of these cards, draw a skull and crossbones. On the rest, write 'safe'. Alternately, playing cards may be used, with low number cards representing safety and face cards representing punishment. Shuffle the punishment cards and create a stack face down in the center of your table or play area.


Each round, start by shuffling the player cards. Each player then chooses a card, keeping it face down in front of them. Once everyone has a card, flip them all at the same time. The players with skull cards face punishment! They must draw the top card from the punishment deck and obey it. If a punished player wants to opt out of a punishment, a default punishment option should exist, for instance: take a shot or shotgun a beer. After the punishment is complete, shuffle the player cards and repeat!

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